5.8.07 Pawtucket @ S-W/B Yankees - Good talk, Russ.

Scranton WINS! 5-4 (in ten innings)

Someone I know in Iowa told me that Jacoby Ellsbury was called up to Pawtucket. In this game, the superstar was not only caught stealing for the second time, but he also was picked off. Nice to see he's still developing in that area.

Your starting pitchers were Kason Gabbard and Chase Wright. Chase who now? Wow, never heard of him. Gabbard only pitched four innings and gave up three runs. CW pitched 7 and only gave up one. Mike Burns got the L, blowing the tie in the tenth. But I'm not angry with Burns.

Note: Edgar Martinez pitched the subsequent 1 2/3 innings after Gabbard and did not surrender a run. That has to be some kind of record.

Apparently in this game, Jeff Bailey played first, then left, then first again. David Murphy went from left to right, Scales went from second to left. Amongst many other things.

Pawtucket returns to Pawtucket on Friday for some hot, naked, Toledo Mud Hens action. See you there!


Jenks said...

I absolutely love this picture.

Jere said...

Yeah, lots to absorb in that one.