5.16.07 PRS v. DB (TBDR) - ICSWS

PAWTUCKET WINS AGAIN 7-4 THE DAY AFTER THEY WON 15-6! That is my small town headline. The world of journalism does not know what they are missing out on.

Abe Alvarez was your starter for this game. I'm going to be completely honest here for one second: It sometimes amazes me that Alvarez is a baseball player. Furthermore, I slept until 2pm today.

AA pitched five innings and gave up 4 runs. Most of the other AAA opponents I see let their starters go 6-8 innings so I don't know what all this crap is. Is it that important to get relief work in? Is that what Boston wants? Is that the master plan? Pawtucket starters cannot go too deep into the game? Don't make me hate you, even doves have pride.

Righty Jason Hammell started for Durham and got the loss. I may have seen this kid pitch before.

Brian Corey, Breslow, and Mike Burns were your relief corps. What is up with Mike Burns? He is never returning to Boston.

Tuesday, Jeff Bailey went 5-5. Yesterday a run and an RBI. Kevin Cash and Chad Spann each homered. Ellsbury did nothing but strike out. I mention this because I know everyone's salivating over JE. The other day he stole two bases. OKAY?!

Depending on the weather, I might skip over to the park tonight. Literally. In my school shoes with a handful of posies. Quien es el lanzador esta noche? I do not know.

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