6.17.12 Mike Rivera did what?

Pawtucket Red Sox win again and complete the sweep, 6-1, and geez, Buffalo. Win goes to Brandon Duckworth, whose last start was rough but he had a killer start this time around.

Duckworth pitched six innings like a real man, giving up one run on three hits and striking out nine. And no offense meant to Duckworth, because I really really like him, but when your team strikes out nine times against Brandon Duckworth... It stinks of death.

Daniel Bard pitched a couple of innings when BD was finished, and then Garrett Mock put a bird on it with a scoreless ninth.

Starter for the Bisons was lefty Garrett Olson who pitched and pitched and got one out in the third before being excised like the chocolate part of Neapolitan ice cream. He gave up four runs, including a home run by catcher Mike Rivera, and tossed 73 pitches. Whoa. Olson was followed by a slew of relievers, with the nightcap being Fernando Cabrera pitching a pointless, scoreless ninth.

Let's talk offense! Rivera's homer was the first run for Pawtucket, right at the top of the second. Third inning, Mauro Gomez singled and Alex Hassan walked to put a couple of runners on for... Che-Hsuan Lin. Lin doubled, scoring Gomez. And then Rivera hit a two-run line drive single to center. You know, I feel like this will be the greatest game in Rivera's season. Tony Thomas followed with a hit, which was the end of Olson's night. Jeff Stevens came in and got the last couple of outs in the inning.

A sac fly by Thomas scored a fifth run in the fifth inning. Jenrry Mejia started pitching at the top of the sixth and immediately hit Cody Ross with a pitch, which he had coming. You know. My best friend in the whole world, Pedro Ciriaco, hit a line drive single to left. HIT STREAK! HIT STREAK! 13 GAMES!!!

Gomez walked and Alex Hassan hit an RBI single for the Red Sox' sixth run. Shut up, Alex Hassan.

whaddya got for me, duck?Link
1. "It was approaching 12:30 a.m. and Ryan Kalish was in a hotel room in Buffalo surfing the Internet when the phone rang." - THEY TOOK KALISH AWAY!!!! Also, I think they're trying to say he was watching porn in his hotel room.

2. "Designated “bullpen answer” Jenrry Mejia certainly was not the answer on Sunday, retiring just one of the five batters he faced. He threw under 50% strikes (10 of 22 pitches overall) while giving up a run on two hits, a walk and a HBP before manager Wally Backman pulled him to avoid running his pitch count any higher. He just did not throw enough strikes, although Backman noted that his velocity was up to 96 mph." - Toby Hyde provides 'A Healthy Dose of Yuck'

TONIGHT! Pawtucket heads to Syracuse. Aaron Cook for the Red Sox, Yunesky Maya for the Chiefs. And me, of course. I'm leaving in like 15 minutes but I wanted to do this for you and now I don't have time for breakfast.


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