No. There is too much.

Pawtucket lost to Indianapolis today 9-7 in ten innings. Pawtucket lost to Indianapolis yesterday 5-1. Wow. The PawSox keep on losin'. They are in last place in the IL north. Rochester is creaming everyone's broccoli and is in first place.

A couple of things people who've been to games in the past week have told me. First, Ed Rogers is wicked nice. I could have predicted that. I like to judge books by their covers. I should buy myself a Jump To Conclusions board.

Also, Trent Durrington made a couple of minor appearances with Buffalo and seemed to be struggling. The Council of Trent whipped up a pair of sweet, sweet signs which he acknowledged. Thank you very much, we are going to Buffalo.

Speaking of signs: many, many years ago we made a sign that said "TRAIGA EL BATE MANNY". We brought it to Fenway twice and both times Manny waved, nodded, smiled, yes. So I'm taking that sign with me to Minneapolis since I'll be over toward Manny's House. If I wanted to be on TV, I'd write 'NESN' on the sign, but fuck that.

I'm off to get about three hours of sleep. Tomorrow, Iowa! Iowa is the only state whose abbreviation consists of two vowels. True or false?


Novella said...

hope you have a safe trip to the Midwest ... I'm watching for your sign - Saturday we are behind the red sox dugout and sunday in center field ... We too have a sign, claiming my Iron Range heritage, but my love for the SOX !

Jere said...

AA, no, AE, no, AI, no, AO, no, AU, no, EA, no, EE, no, EI, no, EO, no, EU, no, IA, Iowa, IE, no, IO, no, IU, no, OA, no, OE, no, OI, no, OO, no, OU, no, UA, no, UE, no, UI, no, UO, no, UU, no. False.