8.12.09 Pawtucket @ Charlotte: Mills v Whisler

Wes Whisler wins, 6-2.

Lefty Wes Whisler pitched eight innings yesterday. Pawtucket scored its only two runs in the first inning, when Whistler walked Aaron Bates with the bases loaded. And Whisler had technically loaded the bases anyway with all walks, including a hit batsman (Anderson). Bubba Bell grounded out after that, scoring Carter from third.

Whisler got out of the inning after that and went on to pitch a beaut. Or a humdinger, I always get those two confused. No more walks, three hits, and 105 pitches. Damn, Jake Peavey has a tough act to follow!

Righty Jhonny Nunez closed the game out, three up-three down.

Youngster Adam Mills was hung with the loss for the Red Sox. Mills gave up five runs in the first inning. It was like, single single single, double steal, single, double double, out out out. Hop, shuffle, step... hop shuffle step...TRIPLE CINCINNATI!

And so Adam Mills has a 22.50 ERA. Better get to work, son!

just for you, here's a love song:
1. Billy Traber pitched four innings after Mills' two. Traber has been very versatile, like a nice pair of slacks.
2. And TJ Large handled all the Restovich.
3. The Knights had 12 hits. Third baseman Josh Fields had two doubles and Wilson Betemit had two RBI.
4. Keith Ginter made a fielding error. I used to get so het up about his errors when he was on the team last year.
5. Adam Mills is a Charlotte man. Prior to his promotion, he had an eight-game winning streak. And he was a 49er, but not the San Francisco kind. He didn't head west in search of gold or anything.

Tonight! Peavey v Johnson. Peavey is only going to pitch, like, two innings so don't go ordering pizzas to eat while you mash your transistor up to your ear.


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