8.3.09 Yankees/Red Sox. Yeah.

Yankees WIN! 2-1.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before. Gonzalez makes imperfect yet solid start, Pawtucket gets on the board with a solo home run by an outfielder whose last name does not rhyme with 'well', the Red Sox are behind only one run and manage to get some runners on in the ninth, everyone gets excited and then their hair falls flat?

I hate that movie.

Jeff Natale pinch hit for Velazquez in the ninth with runners in scoring position but he grounded out to third.

I imagine Zach Kroenke pitched well... I mean, he looked pretty good. But all pitchers look like Bob Gibson when they face Pawtucket. it must be a real ego boost!

they're smoking cigars:
1. Travis Denker was DFA'd. Ochoa played a decent second base.
2. Javier Lopez pitched well. Marcus McBeth pitched well. The bullpen is conspiring. Relievers v position players, mano a mano.
3. Juan Miranda continues to rail against McCoy's outfield walls with his home runs. He must love Pawtucket and its Art Deco city hall.
4. Jeff Bailey is back. Bailey did not get on base and did not play the entire game. He does not have a hardship goatee, but that might be because facial hair is prohibited in the Red Sox minors.
5. Is Bates heating up? Two hits for the big first baseman.
6. Good crowd last night. Nice night for a game. A lot of geared-up Yankees fans. And I understand, to an extent. But seriously: THIS IS NOT THE REAL YANKEES. JORGE POSADA IS NOT HERE. MELKY CABRERA IS NOT HERE.
7. Is it me or is Velazquez dogging it a little bit? It's me, right?

Today: Zink v Ivan Nova. That is a killer Scrabble matchup.

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