Last night's game, moron.

a) Thanks and a tip of the lynch lid to the anon BBQ tent fan who did not allow Jesus Feliciano access to a foul ball that could have been the third out! Instead, the fan caught the ball and the rally continued. I saw Felicicano. He was all mad. But the fan did not interfere with the field of play so EAT IT.

b) Plus Feliciano is tied for highest number of hits in the IL with Barbaro Canizares. And here I am constantly thinking of him as 'Jose'. And he's the KING!

c) By the way, I was pretty much right about Chris Carter being traded. Even though I though I had bad information. I should probably not have deleted my post, but I was upset. It had caused me to rend my garment. Especially because I blabbed it all over the place.

But I was right, and I knew before everyone else, which is really the most important thing.

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