Pawtucket Red Sox September Call-ups

Game rained out last night. Here are my predictions for September call-ups.

1. Jeff Bailey
2. Josh Reddick
3. Angel Chavez
4. Marcus McBeth
5. Fernando Cabrera

I'm pretty sure Bailey is a given, but imagine if they didn't call him up? PSYCHOBILLY FREAKOUT!

Josh Reddick, yeah, that's easy.

Angel Chavez may be a bit of wishful thinking, since they'll likely call up Woodward. But Woodward... I mean, can this guy hit at all? Because he hasn't done it in Pawtucket.

Marcus McBeth and Cabrera for obvious reasons. I thought about Javier Lopez, but probably not. For a lefty, I think it would have to be Billy Traber. Not Hunter Jones. Jones probably thinks he has has it in the bag.

If they decide to grab a catcher, then Dusty Brown. Should have been MALDONADO!!! but they missed their chance.

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