8.8.09 Pawtucket Red Sox v Norfolk Tides

Tides win, 7-3.

Charlie Zink gets the loss for Pawtucket because he gave up five runs. Jake Arrieta got the win.

TJ Large's ERA is currently 7.94.

Sean Danielson played in this game. I don't think he's worked since about April, so I'm glad he's feeling better.

Freddy Guzman wound up with the Tides and I'll bet he's feeling pretty smug right about now.

1. The Pawtucket paper wrote an article about "Future's at Fenway". They used the apostrophe throughout the article so it wasn't a typo. Paid. Sportswriters.
2. Jeff Bailey hit a 2-run single.
3. Rocky Cherry pitched two scoreless innings. Rocky Cherry works his ass off and deserves some recognition.
4. Wanna hear my tribute to Rocky Cherry: Thanks, Rocky!

I guess that's it. PawSox are on the road and will kick off their Charlotte homestand tomorrow. In NORTH Carolina. Wink.

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