4.14.08 PawSox @ Louisville Bats - GAME 2

Pawtucket WINS! 8-2 in this seven inning game.

Charlie Zink pitched five scoreless innings. One hit, one walk (he pegged Paul Janish), five K's. He only threw 59 pitches, but he was pulled from the game to get some work in for Abe Alvarez and Lincoln Holdzkom. Both Alvarez and Holdzkom (Abe and Lincoln! Ha! They should totally go out.) gave up a run to the Bats. Holdzkom walked two batters in 2/3 of an inning, bringing his total up to 5 walks in four games. Yeesh.

New kid Eric Hull got the last two outs of the game without further incident.

Righty Tom Shearn started for Louisville and really let the whole team down! Shearn gave up nine hits and six runs in five innings. He was replaced by freaky Vermonter and southpaw Tyler Pelland. Pelland surrendered the last two runs for Pawtucket. He also has no face.

Gary Majewski of the Richmond Majewskis pitched a scoreless seventh inning.

PawFense (groan): The game's designated hitter George Kottaras made a jerk out of me and had five RBI. He hit two home runs. FLUKE! FLUKE!

Chris Carter, Jeff Bailey, and Dusty Brown all doubled. And you can pin a passed ball on D Brown while you're at it. Jeff Bailey's not driving the ball. He's hitting worse than Chad Spann and I fear for his life. When I see him at the plate, he's not flailing away desperately or anything...he's patient and still draws walks. His OBP is greater than Chris Carter's or Jed Lowrie's. He just keeps grounding out.

Oh yeah, Chad Spann went 0-4 and struck out twice. Loser.

Superstar Jay Bruce and catcher Alvin Colina each drove in a run for the Bats.

rearrange the letters and spell it "Lousiville"
1. Paul Janish is some kind of wondershortstop. He had the best plate discipline in the Reds organization last year but is not considered a top ten prospect. Furthermore, much has been made of his defense but it's really not that great.
2. I wonder if anyone ever called him "Janish Joplin"?
3. Tomorrow night will be a new series v. Indianapolis Indians. David Pauley will face Ty Taubenheim and didn't we just see this matchup? I really don't feel like reliving it.

That's it. I'm sleepy.

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