It's not as good this year!

Sometimes when Conan O'Brien (or maybe any other late night host) had a guest that'd written a book, Conan would be all, "You know, I was flipping through your book earlier, and I noticed..." and I would always think WRONG! You mean you had one of your interns find something discussion-worthy and brief you on it.

So this morning I was flipping through the PawSox program and there's this little piece on Dusty Brown. He says:

"A lot of my job is handling the pitching staff and earning the respect of the pitching staff, and having pitchers that want me behind the plate when they have the ball."

I know what he means... he wants the pitchers to think that Dusty Brown will make them look good. But I also wonder if he means he needs to be a guy a pitcher would think is cool? Like, he always buys the first round... tells them he likes their shirt... compliments their 20 inch rims... maybe he tells Michael Bowden's friends from back home, "This guy's always surrounded by the ladies!"

D. Brown and Kottaras are close to being interchangeable at this point. Maybe being the guy you'd most want to party with can make the difference. We'll see what happens.

See also: David Wells/Kelly Shoppach.

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