High Honors

Congratulations to several people: Devern Hansack, Jeff Bailey, Brandon Moss, and Kyle Snyder, who received their World Series rings the other day.

Charlie Zink is the IL pitcher of the week! Zink's ERA is 3.12 with 16 strikeouts over 17-ish innings. He posted a .90 ERA over his last two starts. Zink(y?) has been in the Boston organization for 8 years.

Jeff Bailey batted leadoff for the first time in his pro career yesterday and hit a three-run homer. He celebrated with noted Bob Marley fan Zink in a post-game religious experience.

Please enjoy this kickass picture of Jeff Bailey and a local freelance sports journalist/burrito enthusiast:


Anonymous said...

zink loves burritos too man
yeah man...ah...yeah
sweet pic jeff what a pretty boy

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jen.