PawSox complete sweep of Lehigh Valley.

Starter David Pauley gives up one solo HR (catcher Jason Jaramillo) in 4 1/3 innings. A slew of other relievers ensured the win for Pawtucket. Abe Alvarez pitched two perfect innings, striking out two.

Jonathan Van Every homered in the 5th. Kottaras, Brown, and Lowrie each had doubles.

Dusty Brown was the day's catcher while George Kottaras was the DH. Jed Lowrie played third base.

It's really too bad that the Iron Pigs have to go home to Corporate Beverage Park in Allentown and play their home opener with a 0-8 record. Poor kids.

I wonder if Pawtucket will run its starters a little deeper this year. I know I don't know anything about their player development plan, but don't you want a pitcher that'll work past five innings? And I understand that you want to keep all your pitchers working... keep them prepared, fresh. But still. All the other teams are doing it!

Although I wonder if the new pitching coach will work the "starters" harder, I also realize that they are not ultimately making the decisions of who pitches how many innings and when. I'm sure those orders come from Boston. Mostly.

And why is it that when you get a garden salad from a pizza place, they're all exactly the same? A pile of iceberg lettuce with one cherry tomato, one cucumber slice, a few carrot peels, and a couple of onion ringlets. Oh, don't forget the little tublet of dressing. I feel so ripped off, paying 5-6 dollars for that.


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Anonymous said...

pizza salads are boring
abe eats them when the munchies come calling i just close me eyes and eat as much as i can
2...3 bites than i tackle my pie
fetta cheese is now a must have on any pizza
it cant be beat