April 3-6, 2008: Indianapolis Indians at McCoy

The Indianapolis Indians are the AAA team of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates pretty much blew up their farm system at the end of 2007 so maybe something good will come out of it. God knows they needed to do something.

you'll get no autographs from these guys and like it:
1. OF Andrew McCutchen. Number one superstar! May make the big team later on. McCutchen is only 21. In his spare time he writes poetry and freestyle raps and does artwork. He also sings! I wonder what he likes to sing? Please let it be classic R&B.
2. INF Brian Bixler. The Pirates' overall number one draft pick in '02 and possible Shortstop of the Future! He will wear a silver jumpsuit and eat capsule food. Robotic arms will remove his shoes when he comes home from work.
3. OF Steve Pearce. Played in 23 games for Pittsburgh last year (AVG .294/OBP .392) and did not hit a home run, which no one cares about but must have driven him NUTS!!
4. 3B Neil Walker. He used to be a catcher and is still working on the infield thing. Footwork? Is that one of the things? Anyway, he's a switch hitter.

"Don't you know who I am?!"
1. Righty reliever TJ Beam. He's that wicked tall kid from the Yankees organization. He pitched a couple of games last year in NYC. He was at the last McCoy game in '07.
2. Ty Taubenheim! He was on the Blue Jays. That guy's a giant!
3. C Raul Chavez. Yup, still around.

And Repeat IL Offender Matt Kata. He's an infielder. I think he's been in Triple-A since Reagan was in office.

"Maybe you are apopleptic because you don't understand anything about baseball. Perhaps you have never heard of a little thing called INTANGIBLES?? Matt Kata bleeds his guts out every day for this team and all you people want to do is talk about some stupid stats he may or may not have."

(posted by Brian Hayes on Lone Star Ball.)

See you at the park tonight... remember to dress warmly. No flip-flops!

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