One break, comin' up!

Some Bisons things to think about tonight as you fall asleep:

1. It is like 90% certain that Cleveland will move its AAA affiliate AWAY from Buffalo and TOWARD Columbus after this season ends. And then who will play in Dunn Tire park? Will the Nationals just switch it over? If so, will the Nationals move their MLB franchise back to Montreal? Don't the Expos seem like a long time ago?
2. I saw a guy with an Expos hat about a week ago and I was so envious that I wanted to physically harm him. It was light blue and everything.
3. Last year the Bisons were tough. This year they could be outplayed by the Iron Pigs.
4. I really only wanted to say one thing, which is that Buffalo will no longer be Cleveland's AAA team. The rest is a composite of fabrication, exaggeration, and speculation. And dedication. Consideration.

Expos suck! Expos suck! Expos suck!

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