4.8.08 CT Defenders v. Portland Sea Dogs

Connecticut WINS! 2-1 with an 11th inning walk-off by Travis Ishikawa.

This was a rather good game with wicked pitching. The Defenders' game is tight this year. The guy batting 9th, SS Olmo Rosario, was one productive mofo, going 4-4. OLMO!

Masterson pitched well, Brooks McNiven pitched well. Everybody get high, everybody get low. In spite of being untall, Portland second baseman Jeff Natale was an on-base machine! Like me! Natale walked twice, singled, and was hit by a pitch.

Not much production from the heart of the Sea Dogs' lineup, but we can let it slide, considering the gutty, gritty pitching.

In a related story, Dodd Stadium is now charging $2 for parking. And don't even think of parking in some nearby lot... they repeated several times during the game that doing so would get your ass towed.

The Defenders' superfan was there. Do you know who I'm talking about? Yeah, it's a little weird.

I'll be at McCoy tonight.

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Anonymous said...

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