Pawsox Blog: sister?

Where the hell have I been? I just found another PawSox blog. You should really check it out. The layout's nicer, it's more well-written and well-researched, it's organized and professional, it includes cold, hard statistics... damn! He's gonna put me out of business!

I mean, if you're into that kind of thing.

The writer/reporter, Keith, says in an early post:

"We strive to be just another resource that offers information on the team. If you're looking for quick-witted commentary and gossip about off-the-field activity, you're probably not going to find it here. Our goal is to talk baseball. Specifically PawSox baseball and the International League."

Yeah! Leave the quick-witted commentary and off-the-field gossip to me! It's what I live for. I hope I never touch the ground.

For real... go read that blog and note the huge quality difference.


Anonymous said...

He's most definitely prolific. But it's fairly early in the year and that projected 200 posts for April will surely drop to a more palatable 150 next month. Sheesh. You guys make the casual blogger look downright lazy, which of course I am. I'm thinking about making this guy's blog my home page. Got all the IL teams covered. Nah, I'll keep it with yahoo and visit minorleaguebball.com when I need my stats

Anonymous said...

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