4.16.08 PawSox@ Indianapolis Indians - a haircut like that

Pawtucket WINS! 4-3 in 11 innings.

What a beautiful day in Indiana! What a day to sit in the park! Wish I could have been at this awesome, awesome game that the players will fondly look back upon.

Abe Alvarez got Hansack's start because Hansack has a gross, lumpy contusion. Alvarez pitched two innings and gave up two runs. Let's move on to our old pal Kyle Snyder!

Kyle Snyder gave up a solo home run to Andrew McCutcheon (Not only the man, but also the myth. But not the legend, not yet, I have to read his poetry first.) Snyder pitched two and a third innings and struck out two Indians.

Also pitching: Edgar Martinez, Craig Hansen, Lee Gronkiewicz, and Eric Hull, who got the win. Craig Hansen continues to be a solid... okay, somewhat better than solid reliever. He pitched two perfect innings with two K's, two groundouts and a fly out. YES. Thus far Hansen has pitched 9 1/3 scoreless innings.

Righty Luis Munoz started for Indy, pitching six innings. And he gave up two runs. TJ Beam gave up the third run in the seventh inning, which tied the game.

But seriously, Jeff Natale: the little guy who's been in Portland 4-EVA got called up to Pawtucket! Natale had a great game, going 3-5 with a double and a triple.

Kottaras has been hot lately. GK homered, scoring two for Pawtucket in the fourth. Do not mistake these objective words for a softening towards Kottaras. He also caught all 11 innings of the game while Dusty Brown DH'd.

Bobby Kielty tripled and got himself a couple of RBI, most notable the game-winning single at the top of the 11th.

My foot hurts. Can I go to the nurse?
1. This eleven-inning game clocked in at 2:59. Brilliant!
2. Oooh, guess what? The local paper, the Indianapolis Star, does NOT cover Indians games. They don't send any press to the home games at all. That makes me a little angry.
3. The Sea Dogs just finished playing a 17-inning game and swept the CT Defenders. I'm not sure I would ever stay that long.

Tomorrow: Michael Tejera v. John Van Benschoten.

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Sarah said...

Oh, Bobby Kielty. You're totally crazy, but I love you a little.