4.3.08 PawSox v. Indianapolis Indians - this song is for your parents

Pawtucket WINS! 3-0

Your number one starting pitcher was Bartolo Colon. BC K'd five guys, walked one and gave up a hit. Craig Hansen provided two subsequent innings of relief, walking 2 and striking out three. Eighth inning belonged to Dan Kolb (one walk and no hits) and Mr. Lee Gronkiewicz closed it out uno, dos, tres. YEAH.

Indians righty starter Brian Bullington pitched five innings and surrendered all three runs. Mariano Salas pitched well in the 6th and seventh, striking out three and walking one. Righty Mike Thompson pitched the eighth without further incident.
Jonathan Van Every homered in the third inning, driving in two runs. Brandon Moss also doubled in the third, driving in Jed Lowrie.

Joe Thurston, Chris Carter, and Jeff Bailey all singled.

For Indianapolis, only first baseman Adam Boeve managed a hit (off Colon). Boeve also walked twice.

two things:
1. I'm somewhat over my hatred for George Kottaras. That being said, Kottaras performed thusly:
First at-bat: Swings at first pitch. Pops out.
Second at-bat: Swings at first pitch. Flies out.
Third at-bat: Grounds into a double play.
Fourth at-bat: K!

Kottaras also made an error trying to throw out the base-stealing Adam Boeve. His throw to second was... whoops... way over Thurston. This is really great stuff coming from a guy batting second (!).
2. I'm convinced that Chris Carter is permanently eye-blacked. Day games, night games, in the shower, during marital relations, at church, everything.
3. The Indians black uniforms were a great background to Colon's pitches! You could really see where he was locating the ball.
4. 2008 will be Jeff Bailey's fifth season in Pawtucket. Wow, what?
5. Much pageantry involving the police and the firefighters. Bagpipes and the singing state trooper. Blackhawks and salutes.
6. New player murals on the ramp: Pedroia, Lester, Cla Meredith, and Manny D.
7. Bartolo Colon's the first starter in Pawtucket. The other four in probable order: Pauley, Hansack, Zink, and Cuban Michael Tejera! YEAH!
8. Tomorrow v. Pauley: Ty Taubenheim, followed by RHP Luis Munoz/Hansack (SAT) and RHP John Van Benschoten/ C. Zink (SUN). I may get to catch the Sunday game.

I'll post lineups in a few minutes...

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