2009 Very First Pawtucket Red Sox Game

Today's game features Enrique Gonzalez, who came to RI from the Padres org, and Bisons lefty Jonathon Niese. Yes, that's how he spells it. Whatever, he's from Ohio.

Niese has been with the Mets forever. In fact, that's been his only heart and his only home, since he's a brand-new 22 year old arm. Niese is also ranked third among the Mets' prospects.

The Bisons have rebranded their corporate conformist park. Opening Day festivities include prizes, team intros, color guard, magnetic schedules (WOOOOOOWWW!!!), lovable mascot Mr. Met, and NY Gov. David Paterson.

In a related story, the Bisons have offered four free tix to anyone who's lost their job. And guess what? Former Red sox great Casey Fossum is in the rotation!

Gates at 2. Hope they cleared the G.D. snow off the seats.

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