who's that kid in the back of the room?

Out: Devern Hansack, shoulder strain.

Out: Gil Velazquez, called up to Boston.

Out: Your ugly pocketbook.

In: Rocky Cherry, up from XST. Is he an idiot? Is he alive or dead? Remember that time you saw him at the Iowa Cubs park in Des Moines and drank some delicious beer in the hot midwestern sun? Oh no, wait, that was me while you were enduring intra-office politicking and your excruciating daily commute.

Also, the Mets offered RC back to the Orioles in a rule five-ish thing. The Orioles declined. I'd tell Baltimore to get off their high horse, but this year I might be a little excited about their team.

In: Travis Denker, infielder and possible reverse vampire. Remember when you drove over to Norwich to that lame, colossally empty ballpark and watched the Giants' double-A team and Travis Denker was there? Oh no, wait, that was me... while you were toasting the good times with your fabulous friends and your high-heeled sneakers.

In: Chris George, lefty side-arm reliever. So he's Javier Lopez in a cheap suit? At any rate, hardly anyone cares about Chris George, if his lack of search results indicates anything. And that means I'm ALL OVER IT!!!

In: Ordering cran-ginger ale on airplanes.

Limbo: Sean Danielson. He's been hanging out but not playing and now he's on the disabled list. Oh, wow, did he sprain his thumb sprucing up his MyFace page?

I saw that guy at the banquet and he got the Handsome Boy haircut. He also managed to wear his sunglasses on his head with looking toolish, like Corsaletti or Chad Spann.

See you tonight-ish at 6:30. The Red Sox will try and jump out of their 3-game losing streak.

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