4.22.09 Pawtucket v Rochester Red Wings - Lugo

Pawtucket WINS! 8-7 on a Chip Ambres walk-off walk in the 11th.

Rochester starter Kevin Mulvey was not exactly Curt Schilling out there today. His troubles started right away in the first inning when Paul McAnulty hit an RBI single to bring home Van Every, who'd doubled. Then, in the second inning, Jeff Natale led things off with a solo home run.

Rochester tied the game up in the third when PawSox starter Clay Buttholez started to lose it a little. CB walked Butera, allowed Pridie to single, then walked Matt Tolbert to load the bases. Luke Hughes got really fucking excited when he came up to bat with the bases loaded, and hit a two run single! BAD NEWS HUGHES!!!

In the sixth inning, square-headed Red Sox reliever Billy Traber gave up a three-run homer to shortstop Trevor Plouffe. Rocky Cherry had a crappy seventh inning and gave up another damn run. Jose Vaquedano came in for the eighth inning and surrendered a solo shot to big boy Matt Macri.

It was a dire situation in the ninth inning for the PawSox, who were behind 7-2. Fortunately, Ben Julianel was all over the place with the damn ball, walking a couple of guys and giving up a single to Angel Chavez. AFter 24 pitches, Julianel was replaced with righty Armando Gabino.

Travis Denker, subbing in for Lugo, immediately singled off Gabino to load the bases. Van Every came up next and hit a grand slam to tie the game, which didn't surprise anyone.

Gabino pitched into the eleventh inning, leading it off with a walk to pocket infielder Ivan Ochoa. Sean Danielson then sac bunted Ochoa over. Gabino proceeded to IBB the next batter, Travis Denker, and got the hook.

Mike Gosling pitched next for Rochester. Ochoa steals third base very well! Van Every was up and I knew he was going to strike out (he did, looking). But it was cool because McAnulty and Ambres were the next guys up and lord knows they can hit.

Funny thing was... neither of them DID get a hit! Mac walked to load the bases and then Ambres walked on a full count! PawSox win!!!

have you gone mental?:
1. I forgot to mention Bardamite's 9 pitch 9th inning. Mainly because effortless success is so boring.
2. Fernando Cabrera pitched the 10th inning and holy god, he is hot. It has been seemingly years since there's been anyone good-looking on the PawSox, so this is great. It was my first time seeing him pitch and it brought me closer to god.
3. So... is Van Every rehabbing and going back to Boston or what? Is that going to send Chris Carter back to Pawtucket so we can all revel in his intensity?
4. My JV hatred has abated somewhat because I heard him on the radio and he pronounced 'Pawtucket' like a native. It's the little things.
5. During Chip Ambres' 11th inning at bat, when he was at a 3-1 count and he took a ball for a second strike, half the guys in the dugout lost it.
6. Throughout the game, I kept smelling something nasty... it smelled like home perm chemicals. Was it coming from the visitor's dugout?

Tomorrow: Off day, then Lehigh Valley for Pig wrasslin'. A couple of Syracuse (bleagh) games will immediately follow. Fernando Cabrera and all the ugly ones won't be back until April 30th.


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