Hyde's inside pitch?

So the other PawSox radio guy has a blog, too. That being Steve Hyder, who lost a wicked lot of weight and looks terrific. It's sort of contemplative and philosophical, don't you think?

Hyder talks a bit about how so-called 'fans' say all kinds of nasty shit about guys like Buchholz and Youkilis. First of all, people really care that much about Buchholz that they're commenting on his girlfriend and how much he drinks when he goes out? I mean, come on.

Sometimes I wish I knew nothing about the players outside their on-the-field performance. That's partly my fault... when I find out people have met certain players, I'll ask, "Nice guy, right?" And sometimes the answer is no... and I'll hear exactly why. People know I like the PawSox, so I often hear about casual encounters, run-ins, and misc. bad behavior.

So it's hard to root for a guy if I know he's an asshole who treats fans like crap. Or to hear a pitcher or two might be mildly retarded potheads. I don't necessarily want to hate Dustan Mohr! He played for the Twins! I thought he was cool!

It's kind of like when you watch the Real World, and all those kids are contemptible and vacuous and disgusting. But then in one episode, they help some underprivileged kids and talk about how life-affirming it all was... or you find out about some strained relationship they have with their parents and you feel kind of bad. And you get all mad! I want loathesome, one-dimensional characters, not complex people who are rotten and rich and trustworthy and friendly!

What I am trying to say is this: Everybody should try to be nicer to me or I will write bad stuff about you. And I hope that Chad Spann's Nana never found this blog.


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