Pawtucket @ Buffalo Bisons (NYM)

Pawtucket WINS! in spite of being up against golden hot pitching.

Earlier I mentioned a few things about Jonathon Niese being really good or whatever, but the kid only lasted two innings. Former PawSox grouch Kyle Snyder did what he does best... long relief!

Enrique Gonzalez started for Pawtucket and seemed to have a tough row to hoe, but he did okay. He was on a 75-80 pitch limit and nailed down five two-run innings, walking two and striking out four.

Fernando Cabrera then jumped in for the sixth inning and got battered, kinda. Cabrera gave up two earned runs on three hits.

Marcus McBeth and Daniel Bard polished off the Herd without further ado. Area sportswriters and Red Sox fans everywhere must have creamed their pants over Bard's performance. I'm really bored with it already.

Pawtucket offense had a good night, most notable Paul McAnulty (prepare yourself to hear him described as stocky once or twice). Paul M. had two hits, two walks, and two RBI... he is currently batting 1.000.

Chip Ambres hit a two-run double and walked a couple of times. Dusty Brown hit TWO doubles and will haunt your dreams. Ivan Ochoa had a pair of hits as well.

Brad Wilkerson had a tough night in the DH spot, going 0-4 with a walk and a strikeout. The Bisons pitching staff doled out 11 walks all told. I heard that kind of thing was bad!

it happens all the time:
1. Two triples for Buffalo! Second baseman Jonathan Malo and DH Fernando Martinez must have wheels... that's why Malo bats leadoff.
2. Former Pawtucket kids Bobby Kielty, Kyle S, and lefty Jon Switzer are now Buffalonians.
3. Gil Velazquez made an error while I was thinking about how great an infielder he was. He was also hitless.
4. The visitors' clubhouse at the new Mets park has no clock in it. And you can't see shit from the visitors' bullpen. Accident or design?
5. David Uyl was the home plate umpire. I think he sucks.
6. Devern Hansack's new role in Pawtucket will be 'Righty Reliever in Crowd'. I'll bet he's thrilled. I suppose it's his best shot at a Boston sub job. I'm frustrated on his behalf, though.

Tomorrow! 6:05 pm - Mike Bowden v righty Dillon Gee, another 22 year old baby. I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

if you went to the game up on the great lakes
i had know idea you went
thats info you should let me in on
me and dan will cheer for the syndes when he returns to MCcoy