Jose Vaquedano will show you.

Jose Vaquedano is a right-handed reliever in Pawtucket. He's tall and slender. Like a whip! Whhh-tchhh!

The 27-year-old Vaquedano was born in Honduras but moved to Texas when he's was 11. Let's face it: He's a Texan. I'll bet he wears spurs in places like Lehigh Valley and Syracuse.

Vaquedano has been hanging out in the org since 2002, when he pitched in 22 games for the Lowell Spinners. He's pitched in Sarasota, Augusta, Wilmington, Lancaster, and Portland... and then last year, Pawtucket, where he regularly pissed me off and made me call him Crapedano. So far in 2009, he's pitched 9 innings and has a 2.00 ERA. Vaquedano's a ground ball guy who has a hard time getting lefties out.

Vaquedano's over-the-top delivery changed a couple of years ago to his current side-arm shit. He was pissed off when the Red Sox made the suggestion, but the Heads of State felt he was too inconsistant otherwise. He worked with Portland pitching coach Mike cather, who pitched side-arm himself.

things I found on the internet:
1. Vaquedano went to Vernon Regional Junior College in Texas.
2. Interesting stats here: A bone profile? (slim big chest) HAIRSTYLE?? (unknown) I think it has something to do with video games.
3. Vaquedano pitched for the PR team this winter.
4. Jose Vaquedano is Hunter Jones' best friend in baseball!
5. "Don't be surprised to eventually see him with the Sox if an injury arises and the team decides to give Daniel Bard and Junichi Tazawa more seasoning in the minors." Oh, I think I would be surprised. I would be flat shocked. I can imagine how freaking mental all the Boston kids would be if this happened... "Who the hell is this guy? Is this the best the Sox can do? Season over. Season over."
6. I swear I read a story somewhere that little Jose was living in Honduras when his cousins from Texas came to visit and brought baseball equipment. And that is how Vaquedano came to know baseball. However, I cannot find this story for the life of me.

That's all for today. In my unschooled opinion, JV looks a lot better this year. So we'll see how that goes.

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VIBaseball said...

The Honduran whose cousin brought equipment down from Texas is mariano Gomez, who's pitching Triple A ball for the Braves.