Dillon Gee is not crazy about that tie.

Mike Bowden's Buffalo opponent today will be Mets prospect Dillon Gee.

two things:
1. Gee's got four: Fastball, slider, change, curve. Best pitch probably change-up. Still refining curve. Slider mostly for show.
2. Ranked 10th by Toby Hyde. Who is Toby Hyde? I say we call him up! RIGHT NOW!!
3. DG got a start or two this spring. Jerry Manuel digs him. This article is mainly about Livan Hernandez... it sounds like Manuel's kinda pissed at him or something.
4. Good luck trying to have a nice breakfast in downtown Buffalo on a Sunday morning. There's nothing except to-go coffee. I ate out of the bus station vending machine, because I am classy that way.

So there you have it. ALSO! Bisons outfielder Fernando Martinez is the org's number one ranked prospect. He is only 19. He has probably never even heard of ABBA. Check him out.

See you later on tonight.

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