4.17.09 Pawtucket v Lehigh Valley I Pigs - Happy Birthday Nikki!!

4-3 LVIP. Pawtucket let down the entire park.

Charlie Zink started for the Red Sox and knuckled his way through six innings, giving up all four Lehigh Valley runs. He also hit three of the batters, which accounted for every walk.

Billy Traber pitched well for the final three innings, even managing to peg Andy Tracy, who'd homered off Zink in the fifth. The Pawtucket offense just failed to catch up with the mighty Iron Pigs. IRON!!!!

Lehigh Valley righty Andrew Carpenter also pitched six innings. In the second, Zach Daeges kicked things off with a single and was driven home by an RBI double hit by Sean Danielson, who started in center.

In the third inning, Paul McAnulty hit a solo HR. And in the fifth inning, Bailey did the same. That's the three runs. Count 'em!

Pawtucket got frisky in the eighth inning with Jake Woods on the mound in relief. Catching Gorilla Dusty Brown walked and Zach Daeges got his second hit of the night with a double that put Brown on third. Chip Ambres was the next batter and I thought, HELL YEAH, because Ambres can be a slim killer! However, the manager opted for an IBB.

Jake Woods got the next batter, Angel Chavez, to strike out. On-base machine and local piƱata Jeff Natale pinch hit for Danielson, but he flew out. Who the hell is Jake Woods anyway?

two things:
1. McCoy Stadium on opening night is generally pretty quiet. Not last night! Last night the park was crammed and possibly sold out. I am talking standing room action! It was not credible.
2. Krazy Mike Koplove is back in the IL and pitching in the Phillies org. He pitched a scoreless inning last night.
3. Oh: Seems last night was the largest crowd in McCoy Stadium history. I heard traffic was backed up on the off-ramps. It is my good fortune to live so close to the park that a highway is unnecessary.
4. It was the Iron Pigs' first-ever win at McCoy.

Today: former Orioles headache Rodrigo Lopez versus... Marcus McBeth? That can't be right.

See you later!

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