4.16.09 Pawtucket @ Rochester Red Wings

PAWTUCKET! 1-0 thanks to Carlos Maldonado's double in the first inning.

So, since this was all about pitching:

K. Johnson, five innings, two hits, two walks, three Ks.

Chris George, 2 2/3, a hit! A walk! A strikeout!

Fernando Cabrera, the Hot One: All the rest of the game. One hit and one K, no walks.

These three dudes kept the Red Wings scoreless.

It must have sucked to be Rochester's Anthony Swarzak. Just that one run in the first inning. 89 pitches through seven innings, five strikeouts. And the bullpen held it down. It just didn't happen.

hot rod hearts:
1. Jeff Bailey hit by pitch for the first time this year. Who will win this sick contest, Bailey or Jeff Natale?
2. Sean Danielson got in on this shit, batting eighth. The rest of the lineup is pretty routine.
3. Danielson and Ochoa made an error apiece.
4. Matt Macri and Matt Tolbert were both caught stealing. Maldonado nailed both of them. Clearly, it's been Carlos' week. I love him so much.
5. Tolbert was also picked off by Johnson.

That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more. See you tonight at the park. Game at seven. I'll be in section one if you're feeling social.


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