4.11.09 Red Sox v Bisons - Bad Stuff 'Bout the Mets

Pawtucket WINS! 1-0 in a tight-ass pitching matchup. Only one run scored: Carlos Maldonado's solo home run off Connor Robertson in the eighth. Oh, hell yes.

Kris Johnson struck out five minor league Mets in his five innings. He walked a guy and gave up two hits, one of them Jonathan "Marsh" Malo's double. Malo's been hitting pretty well, hasn't he? Johnson threw 75 pitches, 53 for strikes, in case this stuff keeps you up at night.

Southern belle Marcus McBeth handled the sixth and seventh inning. McBeth also surrendered a double. This time it was dazzling megastar Fernando Martinez!!

Fernando Cabrera finished the game off, with four strikeouts and a walk. No hits. I cannot handle this much Fernando.

Nelson Figueroa pitched really well but his team was not ready for this PawSox jelly. NF went seven strong with only two hits: Angel Chavez and Bailey. This game could have gone on forever, but instead it came in UNDER TWO HOURS LONG!!! That is nuts! And I'm sure the fans appreciated the crispness of pitchery and weakness of battery, since it was like 42 degrees in Buffalo.

1. Buffalo manager Ken Oberkfell speaks, is dismayed by strikeout totals.
2. Nelson Figueroa feels like he got pulled too early.
3. Listen to/escuche a postgame comments here!
4. The Cleveland franchise put an ad in the Bisons program thanking the fans and everything... this is a move some people might call 'classy'. I would never say that because I have a bit more imagination. Me=not a robotic sportswriting drone.
5. Dan Hoard breaks down the PawSox pitching success thus far. His blog is schmackin'!!

Today! Plush, Gucci redneck Buchholz v. swizzle stick Casey Fossum. Casey, the great city of Buffalo awaits you. Go now.

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