veni vidi vici

Triple-A repeat offenders are putting things into cardboard boxes this week:

Jason Tyner was signed to a minor league contract by the Brewers. Tyner was probably on the Red Wings.

Chris Gomez was released by the Orioles. Gomez hit a grand slam off Schilling up in Toronto a few years ago. It was probably the best day of his life.

The White Sox sent Jerry Owens to the minors. The Tigers sent Clay Rapada to the minors along with Ryan Raburn.

Former PawSox great(?) Virgil Vasquez was sent to the minors by the Pirates.

David Pauley and Radhames Liz (Baltimore) were sent to the minors. Pauley's coming back to McCoy on August 5th, so be sure to send flowers or one of those tacky fruit bouquets.

The Mets released Junior Spivey and Wily Mo Pena is a free agent.

As I was checking up on transactions, I was surprised to see how many guys had been released.... guys that used to be desirable and important. That's what happens when you're late for baseball. It takes a while to experience loss and to see how stars fade out.

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