Glenn Davis hates your guts.

Okay, I am really tired but I wanted to pass this story along.

On Friday, an associate of mine attended the Celtics game at the Garden. After the game he hung out with the crowd to catch a player or two.

There was one guy hanging around that was really, really obnoxious and jerky, talking smack about all the players. And he was SO LOUD! That douchey sportscaster Dickerson was there and the guy was all, "HEY DICKERSON!!!! WHERE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND TANGUAY??!" And so on, just relentless jackassery.

All of a sudden, a security guard kinda went up to him and took him aside. But guess what? The guy was not in trouble. The security guard handed Johnny from Burger King a pair of sneakers autographed by Big Baby! Yes!

Immediately, Mr Yells-All-the-Time turned around and starting trying to sell the sneakers to the crowd. I believe the asking price was $600.

So why does a security guy give a valuable pair of autographed sneakers to the biggest jerk in town?

Because Glenn Davis has some kind of deal with this guy. He's gotta be getting a cut, right? Or something. Pretty sheisty.

Glenn Davis has robbed me of my innocence. I'm gonna slang and trick it now.


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