yesterday i got to talk to Travis Denker

Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Spring traning 2008

"Hi i hope everyone is extreally well, so i went to arizona over the weekend, and it was well worth the trip so on saturday i arived at the stadium and got to meet mark Gardner, Pat Mitch, Then i see Travis Denker he played at san jose so i was excitted to see him then i saw, Kevin Frandsen, John Bowker and gave him something and him and Steve Holm who both played with justin were kinda laughting at my gift, then i see Clay timpner, Dan Ortmeier then Jackson Williams who know justin as well everyone knows him and my relationship as frineds, then i see brian bocock who played at san jose too and last but not least was Ben Copeland i go ben your one of the nice ones to me he goes Shannon thank you, glad to see your here. The gaints lost, Then sunday i went to an a's game the a's have todd linden and justin knowlder who used to play on the giants but i saw the a's vs the rockies and the a's won but for the rockies after the game i meet Matt Herges, Jason Nix, Casey Weathers, Cory Sullivan, Clint Hurdle the manger so i see clint wearing a golden state hat and i go clint can you do me a favor can you get troy out here and he goes on the bus he goes troy there is someone that wants to meet you, so clint comes to me and goes troy has ice on his hand i go clint can he sign it To shannon anything troy so clint get troy to sign it but to my surpise troy comes off the bus and hands me it and i get a photo of us, i go troy i know your baseball coach at fremeont he goes coach smith, i go yes then i go remember the message you got on your cell phone form the girl shannon right he goes yes i go troy that me i asked him when are you coming into pac n save too he goes next time i'm in town. troy is sweet, then yesterday i got to talk to Travis Denker, he goes i see david and tell him you said hello, again and got a photo i go travis can you sign your photo he goes yes i go we need a photo he goes why i go because you promesed me at the san jose game i was at you never came out to say goodby to me, then emmanuel burriss and a photo, then i meet this guy named adam with the team and i ask him can you give this to someone who can give it to my firned who is justin hedrick, i go can you get Kline, Tascher and Timmy to come to me, he goes in the dougout and then he goes kline there is someone who wants to see you. so then comes out Kline and i get a hug we kinda of talk about small talk, he goes i need to go play catch but i be back to you sweetheart, so then i see tyler walker and get his signature, then kline comes back and signs his photo he goes you don't have to get us stuff i give him stuff for jack and timmy too, i go kline timmy ignores me now and so does zito he goes zito does that to everyone i go kline can you help me meet him and he goes let me see he goes you get a bat from me too, on your 26th b-day he goes you be over the hill too. I go steve thank you for everything i asked have you seen justin he goes no but if i do i make sure to tell him you said hi and make sure he sees you, then kevin comes out he signs my picture, i go kevin i wish my firned was here today and kevin goes maybe next season, i go i hope, then jack comes out gives me my ball and thanks me for the thing and he signs his photo then i see timmy and billy sign right near the dougout and i through my ball to billy and then i go i want timmy to sign it as well and timmy looks at me and smiles at me, then brian bocock again nad i get a photo with brian, then i see john bowker and i get a photo with him, then i get one with billy too but the last guy i meet was brian howtiz he played with justin. I had a great time. Here are the picturs:"

Oh. Um... I gotta be careful here.


Jere said...

I've always had an appreciation for awkward English. Once I turned a video of one of my band's concerts into a "German bootleg" video, and, well, what I'm trying to say is, I'm interested in doing The German Red Sox Fan blog, or something, but I have to know, are these blogs you're linking fake or real? Because I don't wanna do something that everyone else is doing.

Jenks said...

I think this blog is real. I also suspect that the woman who writes the blog has some kind of disability.

At least, I hope so.

Jere said...

Yeah, she could be blind--but what about that other blog, the Twins one?