Ivan Ochoa could use a ride to work.

Ivan Ochoa's been released. I may have last seen him at poster night. And so now we have Chris Woodward, who's probably second only to Jay Gibbons in the secret competition.

By the way: Sean Danielson's back on the DL. And they made him sign autographs on poster night! I couldn't believe it. I would have said, screw you, I've played in six games all year.

By the way, Fernando Cabrera did not peg Kinsler on purpose. Cabrera is a mild-mannered guy... a lover, not a fighter.

By the way, there are only about two weeks left of the season.

See you at the park tonight.


Anonymous said...

i wish i went to more games
at least every game i went to it was with you
where's your beer?
where's your other beer?
you did score free beer the last time we went

Jenks said...

Yeah, that was pretty sweet. I'm just amazed that someone still works there from when I used to...