Ramp Champ #38 - Jon Lester

Jon Lester is a left-handed pitcher who played for the Pawtucket Red Sox in 2006 and 2007. He was 22-23 years old.

In 2006, Lester started 11 games, ending the season with a 2.70 ERA. 43 strikeouts, 25 walks.

In '07, Lester started 14 games. He pitched two complete games. (By the way, Kevin Slowey pitched FIVE CG's for Rochester that season.) Lester's ERA that season was 3.89. He was essentially rehabbing the whole time. I saw him pitch enough times to know that Lester got pissy when he was taken out of a game. WHAT A COMPETITOR!

Is this Jon Lester's baby? How did something so adorable come from someone so... Never mind.

Two things:
1. Hey, I was at this game! Yes, it's true: Lester was the starter for the Delmon Young game back in 2007. Wait, that was 2006? Holy crap, am I old.
2. Lester has shot a bow and arrow on the field at McCoy. Of course.

Jon Lester's picture is somewhere at McCoy Stadium. Or everywhere. He's perfect and everyone loves him, so what can I say.

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