Darnell McDonald? In Pawtucket? TONIGHT? Please, can we go? Please? PleasepleasepleasePLEASEPLEASEPLEEEEEAAAAASSSEEEEEEE CAN WE GO?

Step one: Pick up clothes at laundromat.

Step two: Pitchers on Atwells.

Step three: Cheap seats at McCoy.

Step four: ???

Step five: Profit!

In a related story, how high is Marshon Brooks going to be drafted? I am so excited.

By the way I went to Cleveland. Justin Masterson pitched and I discovered that it is in fact possible for him to become enraged. The Red Sox lost. It rained a lot. We sat next to some people from Rhode Island and they were fantastic. So that was 1/4 of my northern Ohio vacation.

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