A separate post about Derek Lowe

I didn't mean to give Derek Lowe short shrift the other day when I did a little mural story. It's just that his time in Pawtucket was so brief that I had nothing to work with.

I was not really ever a Derek Lowe fan, but looking back I see his value.

One of my favorite and most emotional moments during 2004 was getting to Fenway hours early for Game Four of the ALCS. I was in the bleachers and Lowe slowly walked out to the bullpen before the game started. Although Boston was on the precipice of a devastating loss, the bleacher kidz all stood up and applauded Lowe.

And Derek Lowe raised his fist high and punched the air for the crowd. That confidence and solidarity brought me to tears for a second. And I will never forget it.

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