10.30.06 Minnesota Vikings v. New England Patriots - and they love each other so

New England WINS! by a large margin

This was, as I mentioned, my first ever football game. It was also my first time in Minneapolis!

It was a little over three hours from Ames to Minneapolis. We stopped at a rest area right over the state line and WHOA. Those central flat states will knock you down with the icy wind.

After the trials and tribulations of gnarly Norwegian rush hour traffic, we pulled into the Rapid Park lot and hitched up with the other half of our party. Tailgating! Port-o-johns and drunken bloat-jobs in purple and gold. It was everything I ever wanted in a beer. And less. I was very excited to be in downtown Minneapolis in the frosty air amongst psychotic Vikings fans. I drank from the Coleman Cooler of Miscellany and then boarded a bus with Drinky the Drunk Guy et. al.

And then we were at the Torii-free Hubert Humphrey METRODOME! Oh, the majesty! Everywhere you turned, people were hucking bottles into bushes and passing out free samples (beef jerky? ESPN analyst heads on sticks? the hell?). My seat was in another part of the stadium since it'd been purchased later, but the blonde Protestant next to me immediately patted my arm and befriended me. Then it got very loud and there was a line of scrimmage and a zippy robot cam that looked like it belonged in the Star Wars Cantina.

I got swept up in the orgiastic cheering of the Minnesotans and found myself rooting for the hapless Vikes. A lot of people were in Halloween costumes which I loved. The lone Minnesota touchdown was a good 'un though, wasn't it? Oh my gosh.

I fell fast asleep on the long, long ride home since I'd been up since 3a.m. I don't know if I'll ever attend another football game, so I'm glad I had this opportunity to see what it was all about. Although I'm not a football convert, I had a great time. Football fans are nuts, but you knew that.


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Jere said...

Sox fans rooting against the Pats. I'm all for it.