Two Things

Last night as I was TRYING to fall asleep I heard an incessant car alarm. Not the one that cycles through the four or five different alarm styles, but the steady horn blaring kind. Accompanied by mechanical bleating.

And then, BOOM, like a blunderbuss. Sirens, sirens. I finally got up and looked out of my window and there was a sports car burning like it got tagged in a drag race. Raging! The firefighters put it out with little fanfare, like they do it all the time. Now this morning there's still flame-killing foam on the street and it looks like snow. I'm just glad I wasn't parked next to that car. I wonder what happened?

I'm pretty sure I screwed up the International League affiliations, damn it.

Pawtucket Red Sox box seats will cost $10.00 this year, a one dollar increase. General admission tickets will remain $6.00. Single-game tickets will go on sale December 16th!

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