like a dry gin's twist

The Red Sox Hall of Fame Awards are on. The talented and foxy Dave Roberts wins a very special award for you-know-what. I want to burst into tears all over again. I think that if things hadn't worked out, it would have ruined a lot of people forever.

In 2003 I was making casual conversation with some older gent in a store about the playoffs. He was disinterested. "They're just going to blow it again, " he said. I couldn't believe it. I swore I'd never get that bitter and jaded.

They blew it again, of course. And I thought about that guy. I wonder what he did in 2004?

If not for Dave Roberts, I'd be that cynical old man.

The player who interviewed Bob Feller in the "Greatest Sports Legends" video I bought in Iowa is Tom Seaver.

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