Al Leiter

Currently reading: "Pedro, Carlos, and Omar", about the New (York) Mets under Omar Minaya. Do I like it, yes I do. Pedro's crib in the DR is described as a "compound", with ten-foot walls and razor wire and an armed guard out front.

Now, I don't talk about Game Four very much, do I? No. Yes. Well, so don't you. I thought Al Leiter was a far better announcer than T.M. I still think so. I love it when Dave Roberts is dancing around on first and Al Leiter says with calm, casual wonder... "He's going." He refrains from saying, "That son-of-a-bitch", but you know he wants to.

Al Leiter has political aspirations, dog. He is also (surprise) a Republican. Watch out, New Jersey.

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