my house is dark

Someone brought up an interesting question on John Sickels' Minor League Blog: If Johan Santana were a free agent this year, how much money do you think he could get?

Probably around $20m per, right? Like, 6-8 years? Does that seem crazy? Perhaps at the onset of the offseason. But at this point, things are looking pretty gnarly. That whole Juan Pierre thing was like DefCon 4. Right?

WRONG! I think the weirdo spending of late is fleeting. I think there're still a few (I hope) smarter teams out there who aren't going to get panicky just because of the upward tendencies. That's what I think.

You really should see my living room, too. I have new curtains and a new lamp. It looks warm and inviting. Do you think that's easy to accomplish? You should have seen it before. It looked like a pretend living room. I had it filled with stuff that looked like something I might have seen on TV once. A loveseat type thing over here, a rickety coffee table over there, records in milk crates, little strings of Frankenstein-shaped lights, stacks of papers and magazines.

It's not perfect, but it's improved. And my amazing framed Longest Game poster WINS! for being the coolest thing I own right now.

I have no heat. The gas company comes Wednesday. Until then, I'll be under my electric blanket.

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