everything sounds like a welcome home

This past September, there was a Minor League Promotion seminar in Charlotte, NC. 365 front-office execs from 95 teams showed up and got their seminar on. They talked about the kind of goings-on that bring people to the park... mascot antics, cow milking, contests, giveaways, that kind of thing.

The GM of the Reading Phillies, one Scott Hunsicker, had a great idea for when the Bob Dylan Show rolled into town on August 23rd. He waited a few minutes after their set concluded, then a band made up of mascots took the stage and began playing. Ladies and gentlemen, the R-Phils Mascot Band.

Well, the mascots got through only two songs. Bob Dylan put a stop to the show. When I say Bob Dylan cut it short, what I probably mean is that his people made that decision. But I like thinking that Dylan was infuriated by the lack of deference shown by adults dressed like... like weird, huggable, furry creatures.

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