Possible final word on IL affiliate changes

As I mentioned, the NY Yankees dumped the Columbus Clippers as their AAA affiliate and are now in Scranton Wilkes-Barre. The Clippers are now the Nationals farm team.

S/W-B was the Phillies... now they've switched to the Ottawa Lynx.

The Ottawa Lynx were the Baltimore Orioles. So they've switched to the Norfolk Tides.

The Norfolk Tides were the Mets AAA team. The Mets have jumped the IL ship entirely and switched to New Orleans in the Pacific Coast League.

I cannot even begin to imagine how all of these moves are orchestrated. Someone's gotta be pissed off somewhere. I mean, who the hell wants their AAA team in Ottawa?


Jere said...

I'm not pissed per se (Sledge), but it is kind of disconcerting that the minors are getting shaken up. Like, in this era where players never stay in one place for too long, it was good to have things like minor league cities that belong to one franchise for decades. I hope they don't start switching them around all willy-nilly and whatnot and what have you.

Baseball Diva said...

I blame the Orioles. They started it when their decades-long affiliation with the Red Wings came to an end.

I'm hoping some of these moves are temporary, holding patterns. I'd love to see the Mets come to Syracuse. Of course, that would mean the Syracuse management would have to get their act together and stop acting like it's the 1950's and minor league baseball is literally the only game in town.

Anonymous said...

True Ottawa is no longer a baseball town, but please as a city its about a billion times better than most of the other IL and PCL dumps out there in the good ol' US of A. Bufallo, Scranton, Rochester and more come to mind.

Ask any player in the IL about their favourite city they visit on their travels in Triple-A ball and Ottawa is always at the top of the list.