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"MLB Fans at Bat
You have been selected to join a newly created Major League
Baseball advisory panel made up entirely of fans just like
you. By signing up, you will be asked to give us your
opinion on a wide variety of topics important to MLB. Major
League Baseball fans are some of the smartest and most vocal
fans in all of professional sports, so here is your chance
to talk to us and help make a difference. We are listening.

Step up to the plate, and make your voice heard. Joining is
easy, just click on the following link and complete a
short survey.

Click here to join the MLB Fans at Bat Panel

Thank you in advance for your time, interest, future
participation, and for showing us that you truly do Live For This.


The MLB Fans At Bat Panel Team"

Sorry, you're not nailing down THIS demographic! Ha ha, charade you are!

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