The Price is Right

I was watching TPIR while waiting for the gas company today. I was rapt. Is there a television show more comforting than The Price is Right? The same sets, the same swanky xylophone music, the same wheel, the same... "A New Car!" Loved this show as a kid... reminds me of staying home sick from school wrapped up in a giant blanket and sipping ginger ale.

Plinko is as far as I know the most popular pricing game. I think Plinko's so-so. I like the punchboard and I like the one where you pull numbers out of a bag. Like most people, the Alpiner game frightens me. One of the showcase prizes today was a set of bowling equipment.

Bob Barker does not really seem to be close to dying.

Another thing that amazes me: When you're at a Chinese restaurant waiting for your order and someone comes in that speaks Spanish, or they take a phone order from someone who speaks Spanish. That gets me every time! I cannot even imagine working at an "American" restaurant in China and having to learn restaurant Chinese AND having to help the occasional Korean customer.

Here's another awesome Laurila interview!


Anonymous said...
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Jere said...

I like the eerie repetitiveness of the Range Game's tones, the way they patronize the contestant, almost like HAL in 2001: "Come on, hit the button. You wouldn't want too go...too far, would you?...Boop boop BEEP boop, Boop boop BEEP boop...Then again, maybe your time has come and gone...don't listen to the audience, they're about as clueless as you are... Boop boop BEEP boop, Boop boop BEEP boop"

And the "home sick/TPIR" reference is one all Americans surely can relate to.

Check out the first line of this post I wrote 2 years ago:

Anonymous said...
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Jere said...

I'm in a Spam-wich.

Until I posted this. D'oh!

Jenks said...

Good post. I was home sick one day from work (I was genuinely sick) and I watched Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and... something about it really got to me and I cried a little bit.

Jere said...

Thanks. Yeah, Fred can make one reminisce about one's younger days. X the Owl is wicked hardcore.

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