You're my boy, Choi!

Former Pawtucket first baseman and unfriendly guy Hee-Seop Choi was signed to a minor league contract by the Devil Rays. He will receive $1.95 million for two years if he plays in the majors.

I always wondered what was going on with Hee-Seop. He looked like a big strong guy but he just chipped away at the ball and never really produced.

It's gonna take a lot to get Choi down to Tropicana. Right now, Jorge Cantu's supposed to be playing first... unless they trade an outfielder. Then BJ Upton will move to the outfield and Cantu will play short and then Concussion Boy Choi will take over at first. But, you know. Is that ever going to happen?

I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon my favorite Hee-Seop memories... let's see, there was the time he ignored his fans... oh, yes, the night he ignored his passionate Korean fan club...hmm, the time he flied out to third with two outs and men on base... Yes.


Jere said...

You know what my favorite moment was? When all these people that think they're smarter than me acted like Choi was some kind of amazing "steal" for the Red Sox. The fact that we literally never saw him at Fenway should show people that just because somebody has all the good fantasy stats and upside and potential and good "comps" doesn't mean John Shit.

Jenks said...