Let's go, Mo!

The Pawtucket Red Sox box office is CLOSED until January 2nd. In other news, Boston defeated Toronto 6-2. They owe it all to Jack Clark's grand slam.

I noticed that they opened a little baseball shoppe in Pawtucket, right next to Ken Ryan's Baseball Acadamy. I drove by it this morning on my way to get bagels in Seekonk. It looks glorious. I never played baseball as a kid, never wore stirrups and pads and gloves and such. And that is why I am what I am today: a hardened criminal who still hasn't cleaned up the post-Xmas mess in her apartment.

Other store openings: a store on Broad street called El Rodeo, which'll sell Mexican style vaquero stuff. Hats, boots, shirts. The Mexican population in Central Falls is booming hardcore. Old French-Canadians were reported as saying, "Eeeehhhh" while waving their wrinkled hands in disgust. They're a little cranky since they announced the closing of Notre Dame, the last Acadian Catholic church in CF. I never went to French mass, but they had a wicked annual bazaar in which I won a plant. That I lost. Seriously, what the hell ever happened to that plant?


Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats on getting a job with Pawtucket. Any job involving baseball is one I envy. Currently, that job for me is as a journalist (well, blogger, but we can pretend) about the Sox.. for free. Someday..

Anyways, good luck with your job.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's hers.

The game in question was Clark's first as a Sock, and the grand slam came in his second at bat. 4/8/91. Why you bring it up, I don't know. It was Mo Vaughn's first year, but he didn't come up until June.

Something I found interesting about that game is that I didn't recognize any of the umpires' names. Which was weird since they hang around for a while, and ump name I see from the last 30 years, I should recognize. So, I looked each one up, and sure enough, two never umped another game after that day, and three of them only umped a combined 51 games in their careers. So either it was a special "take your son to work" day at Skydome as a promotional gimmick, or there was an umpires' strike, which, judging by the umps for the next day's game, ended the next day.

So, hmmm, 4/8/91. DHIA? Does Heavy Internationalleaguely Attend? I don't know. Please tell us why you mentioned that game....

Jenks said...

I did actually have a job at McCoy for a couple of summers. I was essentially a soda jerk. The page I scanned was from my employee handbook.

For some reason, I jotted down game notes on one of the pages. All I wrote was "Boston Red Sox 1-0, won Toronto 6-2, Jack Clark hit a grand slam."

Jere, thanks for providing the context. That's some serious CSI shit.

Anonymous said...

After reading your post about theft and realizing YOU are "Leskanic," that made me in turn realize this was indeed your own photo of the letter. But I still was pretty damn sure that at least was a really old letter because of the old logo/font. I probablt could have made the connection that the letter was from the era of when the game from...

Thanks for explaing that.