quien sabe?

I didn't do any internetting last night and so I was slow out of the gate getting September tickets. I did pick up a onesy up-front Twins ticket for late Sep. I like buying September tickets because you never know. I realized too late that my seat is behind home plate, which I dislike. I'm partial to seeing the pitcher from the side.

It's weird to think about having a ticket to a game that's late next year. Where will I be at that point? I feel the same way when I buy coffee filters. 500 coffee filters. One filter a day, 500 days. In 500 or so days, will I still be in the same dirty kitchen, making the same cheap, dirty coffee, wearing the same slippers, getting ready to go to work at the same place?

Walking on the ice to my old school. I'm done with being restless and trying to be cool.

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