Top 13 Boston prospects

1. Jacoby Ellsbury
2. Clay Buchholz
3. Michael Bowden
4. Daniel Bard
5. Lars Anderson
6. Dustin Pedroia
7. Bryce Cox
8. Craig Hansen
9. Kris Johnson
10. Jason Place
11. George Kottaras
12. Justin Masterson
13. Brandon Moss

Why 13? Because this is an ill-gotten list. I don't know if Pedroia's going to be in Notsob or whatever but I hope J. Ellsbury and Buchholz will come to Pawtucket. Or Kottaras, now that we are (YES!) Huckaby-less.

Why doesn't Pawtucket have a nickname? It's no fun not being able to toss phrases around like, "The Beantown Boys" or "The Hub Nine" or whatever sportswriters call them these days.

How about, "I hope J. Ellsbury and Buchholz will come to Textile Town." Okay, no. I'm sorry.

Brandon Moss
is overrated.

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