Baseball Heavy's 25 Greatest Baseball Moments of 2006

In NO particular order... except the order in which I may remember them.

25. Jose Lima pitches at McCoy Stadium, walks Dustan Moore in all three at-bats due to some years-old slight.

24. First three Brockton Rox batters at top of the first bunt their way on base, loading them up easily. Nashua Pride pitcher completely shocked.

23. Ron I. Calloway tosses ball to me at Longest Game Anniversary Celebration in Pawtucket. (I dropped it.)

22. Me and three other people wear t-shirts that spell out "TRENT" at the Futures at Fenway Game. Trent is both amused and terrified.

21. William Hung performs at Nashua Pride double-header. The twenty or so baseball fans in attendance do not seem to recognize him. Or care.

20. I win a major award (free plane tickets) by winning a peanut tossing competition at a Cactus League Spring Training Game between innings.

19. Trevor Hoffman ties all-time saves record at Petco Park in San Diego.

18. Durham Bull Delmon Young wings bat at replacement umpire in Pawtucket.

17. I see sunshine for the first time in like a month at Yankee Stadium.

16. Ben Weber pitches for Syracuse in Pawtucket. He is still ugly.

15. Boston faces Johan Santana and he is totally gnarly. Minnesota WINS! that one.

14. The very talented and handsome Mike Lowell comes to Boston and exceeds everyone's expectations. Lowell also uses "London Calling" as his at-bat song.

13. The Blackstone Valley Freeballers have a season kick-off barbeque and ballgame. We are whupped by a bunch of big guys who I SURE HOPE ARE PROUD OF THEMSELVES FOR USING A BUNCH OF INEPT BALLPLAYERS AS THEIR PERSONAL BATTING PRACTICE!!! This will be one of only two games we play in '06. Sad face.

12. Poster night at McCoy Stadium. Marc Deschenes signs my lunchbox.

11. Dustin Pedroia gets called up!

10. Walking the warning track in Rochester in the sunshine while the PawSox trotted around and stretched. Aaaaaah.

9. Detroit Tigers win the ALCS

8. Visiting the Bob Feller Museum in tiny, remote, Van Meter, Iowa. (It says that on the Welcome billboard when you cross into the town: "Tiny. Remote. Van Meter.")

7. Chris Young nearly pitches a no-hitter in Petco Park.

Well, that's it! Instead of 25, you get 19. How about that?

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